Doug Wilder filmmaker.director.writer

Doug Wilder filmmaker.director.writerDoug Wilder filmmaker.director.writer

The Smuggler (Theater Night DC)

The Theater is alive and well, and we're hoping to find the coolest and most intriguing new shows.

The Bradford Bull

'The Bradford Bull', Our 2019 entry into the Atlanta 48 Hour Film project.


The short film Confessions, appeared in over 40 film festivals nationwide.

Clip from Lying dormant

In this clip, from the feature film 'Lying Dormant', Zoe has been dealt a series of emotional blows, and with no hope in sight, she heads to the bath.

Highlight Scenes from Lying Dormant

Watch some of the best scenes from the feature film 'Lying Dormant'.

The Bedrocks

The official music video for 'Meet me Down in Georgetown'.

St. Miranda

Miranda finds a loophole that lets her return from the afterlife in order to deliver a message to Paul.

The Situation Room

'The Situation Room', a film created during the 2016 election season, explores what happens when a group of misfits tries to influence the election process.

The Excerptcist

Funny, Scary, The Excerptcist.