Clip from Lying dormant

In this clip, from the feature film 'Lying Dormant', Zoe has been dealt a series of emotional blows, and with no hope in sight, she heads to the bath.

The Situation Room

'The Situation Room', a film created during the 2016 election season, explores what happens when a group of misfits tries to influence the election process.

St. Miranda

Miranda finds a loophole that lets her return from the afterlife in order to deliver a message to Paul.

The Excerptcist Trailer

Funny, Scary, The Excerptcist.

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St. Miranda


Miranda convinces St. Peter to let her return to earth, but is returned to the wrong Paul. Now, in the two hours she has left, she has to make it to her Paul, and take care of their unfinished business.


The Excerptcist


Peter has a bad case of possession, so his Uncle Pat comes to read to him to scare him straight. With each story, Peter gets a little better, until finally, he's cured! Or is he...?


Lying Dormant


Friends since childhood, a tight knit group of twenty-somethings grapple with the sudden, unexpected suicide of one of their five. The remaining four examine their own realities, missed opportunities, broken relationships, fears and possibilities for the future, all the while living the day to day reality of work and wondering if they could have prevented their friend from dying. Bubbling just below the surface are unknowns about their dead friend and secrets that have the power either to heal or to destroy these friendships forever.

Sarge Says Farewell


Doug recently guest directed for the Siegfried Olsson Band, a comedy youtube group.

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Crash of Rhinos


Doug is the Artistic Director (Boss Rhino) of Crash of Rhinos Productions.  Crash of rhinos is an award winning company in DC known for creating 48 Hour Film Festival shorts.

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