Doug Wilder: Director (Films Avail. to screen upon request)

As Director with Crash of Rhinos Productions

Lying Dormant (Feature: 85 Minutes)

The Excerptcist (Short: 8 Minutes)

St. Miranda (Short: 9 Minutes) 

The Situation Room (Short: 6 Minutes) 

Dinner and Debate (Short: 7 Minutes)

Six Minutes (Short: 6 Minutes)

Deliverence Boys (Short: 6 Minutes)

Les Lait Renverse (Short: 5 Minutes)

Game of Monopolies (Short:17 Minutes)

As Director with Lonely Troubadour Productions

Dealing (Short:2 Minutes)

Imaginary (Short:12 Minutes)

Norton (Short:20 Minutes)

Sunshine (Short:11 Minutes)

As Director with The Lemon Tree

Reunion (Short: 5 Minutes)

BA Meeting (Short: 4 Minutes)

As Director with Conservatory Films

Trollin (Short: 5 Minutes)

Good vs. Normal (Short: 4 Minutes)

University of America University College (Short: 3 Minutes)

Game of Cards (Short: 12 Minutes)

We Need to Talk (Short: 2 Minutes)

Mr. Gomez (Short: 4 Minutes)

Therapy (Short: 6 Minutes)

Peasants vs. Overlord (Short: 12 Minutes)

Notes (Short: 5 Minutes)

Denny (Short: 7 Minutes)

How Mulch is Made (Short: 5 Minutes)

Adultery (Short: 3 Minutes)

The Getaway (Short: 2 Minutes)

Special Report: Fetishes (Short: 4 Minutes)

As Director for Corporate/Training/Advertisements

Girl Scouts End of Year Thank you: (Short advertisement: 3 minutes)

NIH Breast Cancer Awareness: (Short Film: 10 Minutes)

Flying V Theater Promotional Music Videos (3 Music Videos)

Flying V Theater Full Musical Taping (Full Length Edited Play: 120 Minutes)

Flying V Theater Fundraising Video (Short Pitch: 4 Minutes)

NCDA Introductory Video: (Montage: 4 Minutes)

NCDA Youtube Adverts: (Four 30 second Advertisements)

Doug Wilder: Writer (Scripts Available upon request)

Feature Films

Drama School

Lying Dormant

Life as We Know It

Short Films

The Excerptcist (Horror/Spoof)

St. Miranda (Religious/Family)

The Situation Room (Political/Comedy)

Rabbit Hole (Mystery)

Six Minutes (Drama)

The Dirtyard (Comedy/Spoof)

mouseDAD! (Family/Comedy)

Deliverance Boys (Comedy/Slapstick)

Les Lait Renverse (Musical)

Game of Monopolies (Comedy/Absurd)

Denny (Comedy/Buddy)

Peasants vs. Overlord (Comedy/Period)

Game of Cards (Twilight Zone/Mystery)

Imaginary (Drama)

Reunion (Comedy/Satire)

How Mulch is Made (Comedy/Slapstick)

Full Length Plays and Musicals

Divine Fiona

You, or Whatever I Can Get (Musical)

Belle and the Beasties

Turandot (Adaptation)

The Green Bird (Adaptation)

Hamlet (Adaptation)

Romeo and Juliet (Adaptation)

The Silly Guys (Musical)

The Prince and Troubadour (Musical)

The Prince and Troubadour 2 (Musical)

Rumplestiltzkin (Musical)


Doug Wilder is a film maker.  Here is a sample of his work.